(pw: watchvideo)


Yes, the text of the website address over the video of the guy in the blue shirt is getting lost. We’ll need to fix that. Suggestions? -DONE, used 2nd sample sent to Linda on 4-27-16

Also, the video fades to black way too fast. Needs to be a few seconds long. – DONE

Two other things that got missed. One I can live with, the other needs to be fixed:
• The glow around the call outs on the Syt were supposed to be SS green (not lime green) This one is OK – the brighter color does call attention to each item -DONE (the color was actually correct, but there was a glow effect on the frame that made the color seem lighter. The effect has been removed.
• At :50-55 the bullets and text need to be smaller (match the ones at :40-43). Also, there is a glow or something on the word Strategy (and the others?). No glow, just the text alone without effects. -DONE