What Is an SEO Designer

Search engine optimization has come a long way since 1995. At that point in time, there were really very few people who claimed to have done SEO. Today there are lots of books as well as research available on this topic.

Search Engine Optimization

You will even find a lot of good speakers on this topic. People who are interested in SEO must first understand the topic. You might have come across the term SEO designer. These two terms seem to be so close to each other but sometimes you need to differentiate between them. You will find a bunch of designers on the internet these days. When a web designer starts a new webpage he also thinks about SEO. But do you think a web designer will be completely successful in designing the SEO?

The Top in Popular Search Engines

Today each and every designer or web page developer learn SEO skills so that they can use them on their website. But the fact is that when you are an expert in a field your skill would remain concentrated on that field for most of the time.

SEO is Necessary for a Site

When an SEO designer who is actually a web designer starts designing his website he will try to include all his designing skills to make the site attractive. There have been surveys regarding this topic and it has been found that only 10 percent of web designers think that SEO is necessary for a site.

At least 25 percent of the designers do not even know what SEO actually is. Today the success of internet business largely depends on SEO. If you cannot improve the visibility of your website in the search engines then you cannot expect good business. This is one of the most popular and effective internet marketing strategies available these days. Therefore, to become an SEO designer it is important to concentrate on the SEO and not on the design.

It is important to get your website on the top in popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. If you can get the architecture of the website right then the design will follow. People who belong to the design field offer more stress on designing the home page because it is the main page of the site.

The SEO designer overlooks the architecture which is majorly required for the home page. The home page should always be dealt with in the end. Once you finish building the other web pages of the site you will be able to find out which page you want the users to visit first.

You need to design the architecture of the home page in such a way. The links on the home page are a major requirement because search engines locate your website through your home page. If the site fails to become SEO-friendly then you are going to lose a hell lot of traffic. Designing for SEO does not only mean a good appearance but other important factors like architecture, content, usability, and the right keywords.

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