Foursquare Updates Privacy Policy

Foursquare is planning to show full user names on profile pages, explaining during a recent community email that the older policy has become confusing. “If you seek an exponent on Foursquare, we have a tendency to show their full name in the results, but after you click through to their profile page you don’t see their last name.” The team says these abbreviations made sense in Foursquare’s early days, however recently users have been inquiring about change.

Beginning” will be displayed across the check-in service and venue house owners will have increased access to users’ check-in knowledge, the corporate announced in an e-mail sent to users late last night. Foursquare has sent an email to its users detailing changes to its privacy policy that are due to come back into result late next month. The company says that the changes are aimed at making the means it displays users’ names less confusing and allowing businesses to see a lot of visitors who have recently checked in at their venues. It has also printed a new document known as Privacy 101 which explains the principles of Foursquare’s approach to privacy in plain English.

The check-in service details new privacy policy changes but notes that users can still have control over what names and data are accessible. Foursquare was careful to remind users that they can modify their “full name” whenever they wish and can opt-out of sharing their location data with businesses. Foursquare’s careful explanation of the new policies comes in the wake of an Instagram user revolt over new privacy policies that gave the impression to grant the Facebook-owned service perpetual rights to sell users’ images while not notifying or compensating the photographer. The corporate’s tweaked privacy policy guarantees to share a lot of information with businesses, giving storehouse owners bigger visibility of consumers who have recently checked in.

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