Party Decoration

Crayons: Purchase a box of 8-pack crayons for each child that will attend. Remove the crayons tie them together with curling ribbon and save for later. Place the folded invitation inside of the crayon box and seal it with a sticker. Once opened everyone can make a new party decoration to add to the fun. Cake party decoration: Bake a sheet cake and frost white. Using bright colored frosting print the name of each guest on the cake’s top. Add brightly colored candles. This will make a memorable party decoration Tablecloth party decoration Use white paper and let the guests color during the party. Use paper products in primary colors for the best party decoration.

Other Party Decoration Activities

Self-portraits: Cut a piece of butcher paper the size of a child for each guest. Have the children lie on individual pieces of paper, slick side down. Trace the child’s complete body shape. Children color their clothes, hair, and face – this is a great party decoration for the party.

Sidewalk Art: Give the children chalk and let them color the sidewalk. Favors: Place tissue paper in a primary-colored plastic cup. Add candy and tied crayons. Print each child’s name on the cup. Use baby food jars to fill with colorful candy (Like M&M’s) and place a square of colored tissue paper over the top then seal with the lid. Tie curling ribbon around for a pretty party decoration effect.

Go Fish Party Decoration

The Invitation: Fold construction paper and draw a fishing pole. Thread a piece of thread through a small hole in the paper and secure a gummy worm to it. This is a nice way to get some party decorations in before the actual party cakes for party decoration: Frost a cake blue and decorate it with gummy fish or plastic fish. party decoration fun and games – The centerpiece could be a fish bowl with live fish in it. Drape fish netting over the tablecloth and scatter seashells on top. More party decoration activities Go Fishing. Put a sheet over a table and hide a helper behind with prizes. Use an old fishing pole or other pole and replace the end with a clothespin. Drop the line over the sheet and the helper attaches a prize to the clothespin.

Or, purchase small goldfish bowls and fill them with blue Jell-O. When it starts to gel place gummy fish or sharks in the Jell-O. Let it set and it will look like a real fish bowl (that they can eat!) – this is always a favorite party decoration. Young Kids love party decorations, so why not keep them happy with our superb party decoration range? Two’s and Three’s probably won’t have the attention span to play organized games, but they love to have party decorations around the house. Party decoration is fun but remember a few safety tips. Be extremely careful with the balloons. Keep inflated ones up out of reach of young children, and dispose safely of any broken or deflated ones. (Just ask someone who works in an ER how quickly a child can be suffocated by a balloon.

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