Online Sales Funnel Development

In this stage of development, you need to develop a process that converts your traffic into sales. It makes no sense to move past this point until you have accomplished this task.

Once you Discover a Profitable Market Then you need to:

See what your competition sells
See how your competition sells it
Create your sales funnel (convert traffic to sales)
Develop a form of email marketing known as an Autoresponder Series (ARS) – Many people refer to this as “list building”.

PPC Testing of the Sales Funnel

Once you develop your sales funnel for a product or service you need to test it with Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) advertising to fine-tune your sales process. PPC testing involves:
Creating relevant content to increase your quality score so you don’t pay too much for clicks.
Bidding on keywords that your customers seek.
Logging your effective keywords and your money keywords.
Split testing different sales processes and work to do better than your best.
Visit Element 3: PPC Testing

SEO Website Design & Structure

After you determine “profitable” areas of your market through PPC testing then you begin creating a blueprint for your website design.

It makes no sense to design a website using keyword research tools. Your website design should be determined by keywords and key phrases that have proven themselves to produce revenue through your sales funnel. Once you develop your website blueprint then you have an exact map to follow in order to dominate your market online. In this section, you will learn website optimization using a “website silo structure” in order to build the relevance of your entire site as a whole. The more relevant you become the higher you will rank in the search engines. This has been proven through rigorous testing. Website optimization lends itself directly to Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Web Content

Creating relevant content is science coupled with copywriting skills. Every page of your website should lead visitors into your sales funnel through good sales copy. Every page of your website will target a different keyword or keyphrase. In order to be found relevant (by the search engines) for your money keywords or phrases you must: Include other keywords and phrases, that the search engines have determined to be directly related, to the body of your content. Learn about and implement market-driven keyword research using a co-occurrence framework. Write content using data from your research. You are guided through the process of content creation by following your website blueprint, step-by-step.

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