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The Movie Netflix, Amazon, Disney Plus, Hulu, and Apple TV Plus movies and shows to stream this weekend A film that ends up revealing itself as a powerful melodrama, culminating in painful romantic scenes, like a bird that ends up hitting the walls. And the fact is that he loved his shadow so much, he dreamed so much about his beloved, he talked so much, suffered, and walked so much, that poor Yuta Okkotsu has no choice but to be a shadow among shadows, a ghost among ghosts.

Dragon Ball Super

we already want to know when the next step in the animation of the Jujutsu franchise will arrive. Akira Toriyama. In effect, I’m talking about “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero”, and that’s because almost a week after its premiere in Japan, the big news has emerged: the first international release date for the film.

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Then I leave you with the image shared by Geekdom101 in which you can see how, in effect, a promotional poster has revealed the date in question. The Movie is new to streaming on VOD for you to sift through In short, it seems that the promotional machinery for “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” will be activated very shortly because the truth is that beyond what one can find in Japan, the film has been almost invisible internationally. till the date. Now we just have to wait, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Japanese premiere kicked off everything for the rest of the world.

The Movie of the Popular Anime

These are good weeks for anime movie lovers in Spain. And it is that nothing was released in our rooms the movie of the popular anime. If you have been left wanting more, in just a few days we will receive another anime feature film: “The Deer King”.

Today, the news is that the first theaters that will premiere “The Deer King” in Spain have already been confirmed, which will finally see the light after several delays. It is important to note that this list is provisional, so more rooms could be added in the coming days. I leave you a couple of details about its premiere and the list right here.

From the very beginning, is crossed by a double tension, aimed at defining both the starting point of enunciative brands and its own programmatic identity. And in the guise of a prequel, he tends not only to re-adapt the narrative horizon of the series from which he starts. But to re-position himself as a “background”, that is, to direct himself towards an antecedent story that infuses the meaning of the original story. That of the series or manga of the same name by Gege Akutami without at the same time losing its own narrative autonomy. And in doing so Sung Hoo Park and the Map Studio follow.

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