Search Engine Optimisation Expert Using Key Concepts Of On-Page Seo

Whether you want to be a search engine optimization expert or just want to see your site rank a little higher for your chosen keywords, you are going to need to know the principle concepts of inputting rich keyword text into your web pages.

Search Engine Optimisation

If you read through my keyword tutorials you will already know how to pick and discover keywords for search engine optimization purposes but now you need to know how to put them on your site without them looking spammy or unnatural, this is important if you want the search spiders to see your content as relevant. Key Concepts Of On Page Seo

The golden rule to this side of optimization is “if it sounds spammy when you read it back, the search engines will pick up on it”. So just as a word of warning, as soon as you read anything please read it back and if there are bits that sound weird or amusingly structured, change them!

There Are 3 Types of Content You Will See on a Website That Is Attempting Optimization;

1 – Keyword Stuffed Content
2 – Organic Content
3 – Keyword Focused Content

Key Concepts Of On Page Seo

Keyword stuffing is highly dangerous as far as your site is concerned and it simply means when the webmaster has inserted their keywords on every line of text. Organic content is perfectly writ content consisting of the necessary keywords but sounding natural. Though this type of content reads well it is far from sufficient optimization and you will have to do a little more to grab the top spot.

Keyword-Focused Content is the Type

Keyword-focused content is the type we should be aiming for, it is a clever formula for writing content that is optimized for your keywords yet also sounds natural. What you have to remember is that spiders are machines and therefore should be approached in a mechanical way. There are three topics to discuss now and you should use these factors to optimize your web pages.

Keyword Prominence

I want to keep this simple because it is, keyword prominence is simply how close your targeted keyword appears at the beginning of your page content. The best way to explain this is by an example. The second page is the best as the keyword “iPhone 3G” is used closer to the beginning in both the title and the body, this shows the spider that the keyword is more important and therefore gains more prominence. Please do not forget that spiders still check all your content so try and use your main keyword in the middle and the end, naturally.

Keyword Density

A lot of so-called search engine optimization experts use this term incorrectly, keyword density is simply a ratio of a certain keyword in any 1 part of your page ie title, heading, or body. It is a percentage of your keyword use within a body of text. If you try and artificially inflate your keyword density then it will likely be seen as stuffing and the site will be marked as spam. Most people talk about how you should have 7 – 8 % keyword density and make up ridiculous formulas but I like to keep it simple.

Keep your Title and Heading

Keep your title and heading density between 40 – 60% and try to keep your body text between 3 – 7%. In the body also include keyword variations. You don’t have to have the exact keyword popping up randomly. It doesn’t need to be any more complex than that, I have had pages ranking high with a 1% keyword density as a lot of weight is attributed to inbound links.

Keyword Frequency

This is simply a count of the amount keywords used on your page and is not based on a ratio compared with all content on your page. The more keywords the more importance is given to it, however again too many keywords are “stuffing”, just follow the advice above in the density section and you will be fine.

Keyword Proximity

This relates to how close your keywords come together. For instance, it is not always possible to use keywords as you find them on a tool as it does not sound natural.

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