Is Flexjobs a Scam

Looking for a way to make some good bank by doing some flexible work? I have had the pleasure of contracting freelancers to do gigs for me from time to time and I can tell you from experience that it’s a game of patience for clients when it comes to getting the right candidate.

Within any setup one might be as an employee, you earn what you bring to the table. Likewise for clients, you get what pay you pay for. The convenience of working from home and setting your own schedule is a dream that many people long for. There are numerous advantages that come with telecommuting. The gig economy is revolutionizing the way we work and do business and luckily these days, there are heaps of websites that offer job postings that can be done from home by connecting freelancers to clients.

What is Flexjobs?
What happens when you look for flexible work and run into a dead-end because of how difficult it is? Sara Sutton went through such an experience while pregnant with her first child. Experience is the best teacher, so Sara decided to turn her frustration into a solution to the problem. she founded Flexjobs with the aim of providing a trusted, effective, friendly, and overall better way to find professional remote and flexible jobs.

She was certainly right on the money because today, Flexjobs is one of the largest and most successful websites where freelancers and clients connect and interact. They currently have over 50 career fields, among them, accounting and finance, call center jobs, education, and training, etc. Jobs are available on a freelance, flexible and part-time opportunities. What is even more encouraging is that the bar is set quite high when it comes to the quality of jobs and employees.

How does Flexjobs work?
The signup process to become a member with Flexjobs is pretty straightforward. Go to the signup page, enter your name, email and create a password. You will be sent a confirmation email and you are in business. Flexjobs is however a subscription service so for you to have access to jobs you will need to choose one of the following packages. Your membership gives you access to more than thousands of flexible jobs from different companies. At the time of writing this, they had 28,393 jobs from 6,019 companies

The great thing about these packages is they do offer a money-back guarantee and you can discontinue at any time. That is awesome since you don’t need to keep paying once you get the job. You can refine your job search and be as granular as possible to give you better chances of scoring a job that matches your skills. New jobs are always posted that match your search criteria which you get notified of by email.

They are located out of Denver, Colorado.
What makes Flexjobs shine among other freelance job posting websites is you don’t need to keep paying for membership. Upwork, who are their direct competitors do charge similar rates but you have to maintain your subscription for as long as you are a member. Flexjobs also claim to be 100% scam-free. Apparently, all job postings and employee applications are thoroughly screened to ensure that no scams or scammers are on the platform.

That is reassuring to know since we have some viral platforms like Fiverr where any scammer is welcome with open arms. Flexjobs also gives you 50 free different skill tests on their site to gauge your strengths and weaknesses. You can also access their blog roll for free. Flexjobs is easy to use, seamless in navigation and they seem to really care about member freelancers. A lot of platforms tend to lean towards where the money is coming from and that is employers.

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