Internet Marketing Courses

Following are the best Internet Marketing courses that have actually been reviewed, used, and/or written by SEO20/20 staff. We personally use every tool listed here to remain on the cutting edge of Internet Marketing,

SEO and WEB 2.0.

Internet Marketing & High Search Engine Rankings:
The Master Plan – by Charles R. Heflin, learn top-level SEO strategies and market-dominating website structure that gives the search engines what they want… Relevance! If you want top 5 rankings in the search engines across hundreds or thousands of keywords and key phrases then this 197-page, do-as-you-learn guide is a must. The Master Plan is “The New Generation of SEO”.

The Silo Report – If you don’t know what a “silo” is then this report is a must-read. Learn why the silo structure gives search engines the food they need to rank you at the top with less effort. University20/20 – An online university dedicated to teaching the fundamentals of Internet marketing in a step-by-step guided fashion. U20/20 uses video and the written word as a powerful combination that helps

students learn to build an online business faster than ever before.SEO Revolution – Jerry West is perhaps the undisputed SEO heavyweight and is one of SEO20/20’s main resources for staying on top of SEO trends. We like Jerry because he tests everything before reporting on it. If you follow Jerry then you are following the cutting edge. The SEO Revolution is the only way we know where you receive test results that can be applied to your business right away.

Social Media Optimization:

The Tag & Ping Primer – This will walk you through the basics of gaining immediate traffic and exposure for your website using social bookmarking sites. This is an excellent piece of knowledge to add to your online marketing arsenal. This primer is included with your purchase of The Master Plan (above). Get The Master Plan and get The Tag & Ping Primer as a bonus. Read more about The Tag & Ping Primer & order it separately at the link above. The Dollars & Sense of Online Communities – Author Rita Wilhelm goes into deep detail about getting your online business involved in Social Media. Social media is growing faster than the Internet itself. Never before has a single person been able to make a worldwide impact. Join Web 2.0 by getting involved in social media.

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