Do You Need Global Entry Before Flying to And? Here’s How You Can Get Your Application Started

Do You Need Global Entry Before Flying to and? Here’s how you can get your application started: A blog about getting Global Entry and using Fast Pass through airports I have used my Global Entry card multiple times to zip through customs and immigration at airports in the U.S., including JFK, Newark, Miami, and Tampa Bay. I’ve also used my Global Entry card to enter the country at the land border crossing going into Niagara Falls. In addition to flying domestically, my husband and I like to travel to as well, especially because of its proximity to us upstate. We’ve been thinking about applying for Global Entry but weren’t sure if we could use it for these international trips as well. I decided to do some research which led me to an article on About Travel: Do You Need Global Entry Before Flying To Or?

This blog is about getting Global Entry and using Fast Pass through airports Global Entry will save you time at the airport every time you fly, but it’s not just for frequent travelers. It’s especially useful for families with children or single travelers who can’t afford to wait in long lines at the airport. It provides a faster, more convenient way through security when you travel internationally. Global Entry can be used at any of the 350 airports around the world that have the program in place. With Global Entry you’ll never have to worry about missing your flight again! I have to admit that I was skeptical of the Global Entry program. I didn’t believe I would get $100 worth of value out of it. But I’ve already gotten more than $100 in value, over the course of only two trips. I don’t think I need Global Entry to visit the Caribbean. Most people probably don’t. But with Global Entry, you can bypass the customs line and get free TSA Pre-Check on every flight you take, which has been an incredible convenience for me. I want to break down everything you need to know about applying for Global Entry. From how much it costs, what is involved in the application process, and even how long it takes to get approved (it’s faster than you think). In addition, I’ll answer some frequently asked questions about Global Entry and show you some real-world benefits you may get from it once you’re approved.

When I travel internationally I don’t mind waiting in line. I’m usually traveling with a large backpack, my arms are tired and I can use some time to rest up before heading to my final destination. If it’s the summertime, I know that the air conditioning will be on full blast which is always welcomed after a long flight. But when I’m returning from a trip abroad, the last thing I want to do is wait in line for what could be hours (depending on where you’re flying into). The airport is typically congested and the lines for immigration, customs, and any other additional screening (if you’re flying through City) can be ridiculously long.

So what’s a traveler to do when they want to avoid this whole process? Get Global Entry
Global Entry is a program that allows you to bypass the long lines at customs when you enter the United States from abroad. You can read more about it in my post here, but essentially you pay $100 for a five-year membership and then go through a background check, after which you get a card that allows you to use special kiosks when entering the country. Global Entry also includes TSA PreCheck, which allows you to use expedited security lines in U.S. airports as well as some abroad (see this post for more information). Forgive me if I’m repeating myself, but TSA PreCheck alone is worth $85 over five years (and I consider this to be an absolute no-brainer) so by getting Global Entry you’re essentially paying $15 for expedited immigration on international arrivals. I’ve used Global Entry at Dulles, JFK, and O’Hare on international arrivals, as well as at SFO for domestic return flights. In my experience the kiosks are fast and easy to use; all I need to do is scan my passport and fingerprints, answer a few questions on the computer screen (whether I have any prohibited items or anything like that), then have my picture taken. In fact, it’s easier than going through immigMembers enter the United States through automatic kiosks at select airports. At the kiosk, the traveler presents his or her. It’s very easy to get approved for Global Entry! First, fill out an application on the Global Online Enrollment System (GOES). You will need your passport, driver’s license, and credit card to pay the $100 fee. After you submit your application, you will receive a confirmation email. Then you wait! It can take up to three months to get approved, but I got mine in less than a month! Once your status changes to “conditional approval” on GOES, you can schedule an appointment for an in-personOn my most recent trip I was sent to the secondary inspection line because my passport was expiring before the end of my trip. The border agent was friendly and I really didn’t mind; it wasn’t going to take long. He took my information and even told me a bit about Global Entry.

Global Entry is a program that allows members expedited entry into the United States for both land and air travel. Members of the program are screened in advance and have their fingerprints taken. If approved, you are then able to skip long lines at customs and border patrol upon returning to the United States from an international trip. Whenever entering the country, you will be directed to special kiosks where you can scan your passport and fingerprints for verification. The kiosk will print out a receipt which you hand to a customs officer who will then direct you out of customs and into the country.

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