Why Learn a Foreign Language

It’s no secret that knowledge of foreign languages is helpful. But for some reason, not all of us rush to get it. Why? What’s the matter? If your native language is your only one, then you are seriously limited in your choice of destinations for traveling. And vice versa – the more languages you know (at least on a primitive basic level), the more freedom and comfort you have in your life in travel. Here are the most common excuses for not learning foreign languages.

1. This Won’t Come in Handy as English Is Quite Widely

Spread Knowledge of a foreign language opens up new horizons in front of its owner. Yes, English is spoken in many countries, but there are a lot of beautiful places, like South America, for instance, where the only language spoken is Spanish. You won’t have a chance to communicate with the locals and learn the culture of this region. In addition, any kind of learning develops the intellect and trains your brain. Learning a foreign language – is not only tedious work, it is a door into another world – interesting and exciting.

2. I Would Like to Learn a Foreign Language, but I Can’t Begin

The main thing is to put a goal. For example, consider that once you learn the language, as a reward you will go on a trip to the country where it is spoken. Or order online your favorite book that you’ve always dreamed of reading without translation. This will be a good motivation for you to start the course. And once you’ve started, you’ll get addicted to it. As the French say “L’appetit vient en mangeant” – appetite comes with eating.

3. I’ve Tried to Learn a Foreign Language, but It Didn’t Work

Many people are terrified by the idea of learning a foreign language because they remember how boring and hard it was in their school days. But do not forget that the years have passed and much has changed. No one will push or criticize you. Foreign language courses are a place where you can grow, make new friends, and develop your potential. Besides, there are so many ways to learn a language: audio lessons, video tutorials, online courses, etc. It’s the XXI century!

4. I’m Not Disciplined Enough

Try to use the services of a tutor. Self-development is the best type of investment. A personal teacher will keep your discipline, and in addition to it, you will need less time for training because the individual approach is always more effective.

5. I Have No Money

As I have mentioned above, it’s the XXI century. There is a wide selection of totally free lessons on the Internet. If you are a passionate traveler and a travel lifestyle is what you need in your life, then a foreign language is a must for you. Don’t let foolish excuses limit your opportunities and deprive you of so many exciting experiences that knowledge of the local language might bring you!

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