Family Adventure Holidays in the French Alps

Families heading off for a wonderful family holiday in the French Alps this summer are in for a real treat. Not only is the mountain scenery spectacular but the choice of things to do in the great outdoors is exceptional. One place in particular that is well worth considering as a family holiday destination is Morzine which has fast become one of the top spots to enjoy a brilliant Alpine experience during the gorgeous hot summer months.

Action-packed Sporting Activities

Morzine is famed for its action-packed outdoor activities which makes it such a popular choice for families who enjoy a real adrenaline rush. The mountains and valleys of the region are magnificent and the best part is there is something to suit everyone’s budget. Accommodation wise there’s a great selection of chalets both catered and self-catering. If staying at a hotel is more up your street, there’s also a splendid choice and again, there’s something to suit all budgets whether you opt for full or half board.

Paragliding over Beautiful Valleys

Probably one of the most thrilling things to do and one which gives you a bird’s eye view of the landscapes and valleys below, paragliding adventures in Morzine are second to none. The vistas will literally take your breath away as you sedately glide over the beautiful valleys below.

A Fantastically Hire Wire Experience

This is one experience that needs to be done to be believed. The ride takes you between two mountains at speeds that can reach 70 kph as you literally fly through the air securely attached to a wire and ensconced in a safety harness. The Fantastical is one thrill that makes a holiday in Morzine an unforgettable experience for the whole family.

A Canyoning Adventure like no other

Luckily, the weather in the French Alps is lovely and warm, so if you fancy cooling off, one activity that guarantees you’ll get very wet is canyoning. This is a great outdoor sport the whole family will love taking part in. You get to swim, climb, slither, slide, and float in places you would otherwise be able to get to. This includes superb waterfalls and beautiful sculptured rock faces. It’s a great way to spend a day (or two) having lots of fun in superb watery settings.

Mountain Biking on Brilliant Terrains

Morzine boasts superb trails which are perfect for cycling adventures at every level. From high-speed trails to long meandering single tracks that take you through incredibly beautiful landscapes and more technical downhill challenges, there’s a trail the whole family can enjoy with photo opportunities around every bend.

Alpine Hiking in Wild Mountain Ranges

There’s a brilliant choice of hiking trails in Morzine too all of which offer walkers stunning vistas of the surrounding areas. With Roc D’Enfer, le Point de Nyon, Dents Blanches, and the majestic Chablais Mountains, you will literally be spoilt for choice.

A White Water Rafting Adventure

Morzine also boasts gorgeous small waterfalls and a lot of rapids which makes for a brilliant day out white water rafting on an inflatable. This is just another of the high-adrenaline rush activities the whole family can enjoy and the best part is you get to see the region from a completely different watery perspective!

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