Why You Need To Embrace Mobile Marketing

There are plenty of exciting and new marketing methods formulated every single day to get people’s attention. A very effective, cutting-edge marketing technique being utilized today is mobile Marketing and advertising. The immense popularity of the mobile phone has changed the playing field. Businesses can’t ignore the significance of the mobile revolution when they want to reach their target customers. Mobile advertising encompasses many types of advertising techniques as well as strategies that help businesses increase their earnings and return on investment. (ROI)The most widely used forms of mobile advertising today are mobile-friendly websites, SMS text marketing, and QR codes. You might be wondering why most people are jumping on the mobile advertising bandwagon…

Here is why you Should Embrace Mobile Marketing

Mobile web usage is likely to exceed desktop computers as the primary means of surfing the internet. This means that reaching your own audience by way of mobile marketing methods is going to be even more crucial if you wish to beat your competitors.
Consumers are utilizing their smartphones to access the web and this trend has grown at an amazing rate then the trend is likely to continue to grow even more within the next couple of years. If your business is not really using mobile marketing techniques and strategies to attract clients, you are missing out on a lot of business.
There are nearly four BILLION mobile subscribers around the globe. This means that you could target virtually anyone by utilizing mobile marketing techniques.
Americans these days are spending typically three hours daily on the web from their mobile devices. Your business must have the correct mobile presence and marketing message if you wish to capitalize on this trend.
Most c customers keep their own phones in arm reach more than 90% of the time. So if you are using SMS Text Marketing, the majority of your messages are going to be opened and read by your customers. This results in higher product sales and earnings.
Based on Facebook’s own statistics for the period- of January 2011, more than 200 million users (from over six hundred million Facebook users) access their Facebook accounts from their mobile devices. Mobile social network users are also two times as active as non-mobile customers.
In the year 2009, nearly 500 MILLION people went online by utilizing their mobile gadgets. This number is likely to double in the next 5 years. Your chance for success will be much greater if you plan on implementing your mobile marketing plans now because mobile technology is not a fad… It is the future and here to stay.

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