How to Market with Email Marketing

Mail Marketing that’s a really good question there is some important strategies to factor into your campaign when looking for a good return. 

Thought out Strategies

Most companies decide to give email marketing a try because they know it is one of the most cost-effective tools when undertaking a large or small email marketing campaign.  However, strategies are not like fast food, ready to go, no waiting, no stress.  Marketing plans are just that, plans that are thoroughly thought out and seriously researched.  Before venturing out into an extremely competitive and perceptive market, you need to have a solid foundation for your service or product.

Questions that need to be answered:

1.    Who is your target market?

2.    Are you sure that your target needs your product or service?

3.    Have you researched your competitor’s website and blog?

4.    Do you know your keywords and phrases for SEO success?

5.    Do you have a clear call to action and a suitable landing page?

6.    Have you integrated Social Media Marketing?

7.    What are the goals and objectives that you plan to achieve with email marketing campaigns?

Goals and Objectives

How are you going to achieve your goals and objectives?  Have you considered using powerful and dependable email campaign software?  Honestly speaking, it is tough out there.  Having sincere intentions, a good product, or service, coupled with a dynamic message, just doesn’t cut it anymore.  Without that email campaign’s ability to land in your recipient’s inbox, get opened, and read, you have just wasted most of your valuable. Do you have time to design?  How are your HTML skills doing lately?  As the saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a good first impression.  If you feel a bit intimidated by these questions, then consider the software alternative that will help you achieve all your business goals and objectives.

•   Email Campaign Software comes with hundreds of professionally designed templates.  All the graphics are optimized, meeting ISP standards.  Simply pick out the design that matches your brand and voice.  You can easily change colors, and fonts while importing your own logo and pictures.  Sorry, you have to write the text.

•   According to all email-marketing surveys, no one reads an entire page of text.  People glance and skim while looking for relevance.  Remember to keep your message sharp and clear.  Put your call to action in the first paragraph.  Don’t make them wonder why you are sending this email marketing campaign.  Let them know what’s in it for them.

•   Do not add too many graphics.  No one will be impressed.  Graphics take time to open and can obscure an important message.  Many people have never changed their graphic default settings, so the emails come in with giant blank spaces.  Keep that in mind when designing your next email campaigns.

According to the Can-Spam laws for business, you need to include your physical address or you may be considered a spammer.  You should also have a business email address in the sender’s email box.  Today’s consumers are inundated with email and spam.  With all the recent warnings of viral worms and malware, very few recipients will open a message from a sender they do not recognize.

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