Custom Made Social Media Videos

Custom Targeted Snackable Videos

Platinum to Bronze Packages ALL with video content

Special Lease-Up Campaigns

Lead Producing Advertising

Social Media Info

• 2 weeks of AB testing* to research, analyze and create content (if advertising/if not 2 weeks to create content and prep videos)
• Building a fan-base, developing engaged communities, and increasing the follower count.*
• Generating exposure and reach for the apartment, placing you in front of geo-targeted users.*
• Engaging residents to connect to their community online, through competitions, creative content and local vendor and partner involvement
• Attracting new residents
• Social content sharing, driven from encouragement, feedback and competitions
• Ultimately conveying a desired lifestyle and community that deeply connects with local communities
• Reputation management: engaged and personal response to customer engagement, Facebook and Instagram only

Custom Video Info

  • We film on-site for 1 day shooting hours of footage that is pre-planned.
  • This footage involves, your staff, residents, local vendors, community events, etc.
  • The footage is edited into multiple videos to be released onto Facebook once-a-week.
  • Each video is branded, with music and is relevant to your community and the season.