Show My Property TV now provides Virtual Reality!
We offer 2 different styles of VR: Video VR and Animated VR.
Video VR is used once a property is complete and Animated VR is used when a building is still under construction.

Here’s a few different ways to view our VR:
– On a VR Headset connected to smart phone
– On a Google Cardboard Headset connected to smart phone
– On a iPhone or iPad – this will not be immersive VR

– You can take a VR headset to wherever you are promoting your community (housing fairs, shopping malls etc) and transport viewers directly into their new bedroom! Not only will they be impressed by your communities but by this incredible technology.
There is no more of an innovative way to represent your management company.
– You can send a branded Google Cardboard Headset to out-of-state potential residents, or foreigners, meaning they can tour your apartment from their own home, wherever they are located.
– We can create VR tours of every floor plan you have. If your occupancy rates are high and you struggle to give tours, then have people come to your Leasing Office and they can tour every option right from your office.

Here’s a few fun and interesting things we can do to the VR tour:
– We can get Chinese/Arabic (or any language) to either host the video or do a voiceover.
– We can dress a professional TV Host in your uniform, as if one of your Leasing Staff are giving the tour.
– We can use residents in the VR Video to be lounging around the clubhouse,swimming in the pool, or working out in the fitness center. This means your viewer will not only be transported to their new home, but they get to fully experience the lifestyle that exists.

Before you play the video below it is ESSENTIAL that you are connected to wifi.
Please click the settings icon in the bottom right hand corner of the screen and select the highest resolution you can (720-2160).
You can drag the video to see 360 degrees of each space. If you want to view this on your smartphone please ask and we will send this to you in a different format.

If you have serious interest in experiencing Virtual Reality, please speak to your Show My Property TV contact to arrange a headset to be sent to your office.