The Social Media To Drive Business Growth And Development

Social Media Marketing has become an integral part of today’s business world and its four giants, Google+, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, have proved to be great business development and revenue generation tool for those who know how to use their immense potential and reach.

Social Media Marketing

Any organization, worth its salt, must have a significant and visible presence in each of the big four digital marketplaces. The fact that more than 94 percent of businesses use social media as a marketing platform, that it has a wide reach, and millions spend as much as ten hours each week on social media sites, making it a no-choice option for businesses with marketing departments to use as best as they can.

Businesses Sites Advantage

How do businesses use these sites to their advantage? They create a page for their business, which Facebook users can follow – it is like having a surrogate website. Businesses use this page to market their products and services, offer deals, and generally post matter that adds to their image and branding. Twitter is similarly used. Its short messages, maximum limit of 140 characters, appear on the homepage of all Twitter users who follow that account. Given that Twitter has an unbelievable reach, the organization’s
products are given extensive exposure.

Search Engine and Google Adwords and Google Maps

Google+ only provides the features that Facebook does but is also able to combine with the Google Search Engine and Google Adwords and Google Maps. Google+ does not stop targeted marketing, nor does it stop other forms of location-based marketing and promotion.

LinkedIn, considering that it is more of a professional business-related site, permits companies to create their personal as well as business profiles. Using widgets, companies can direct users to their content on Twitter and other sites. Members can also use the site, just as they use Facebook, and use ‘Company Pages’ to inform people about their services and products.

Content on Twitter and other site

Companies create appealing and alluring content that persuades readers to share it with others on their social networks. The company’s message spreads across the social media platform and those who read it, find it more convincing because it comes from a trusted source, from someone they know. What is more, this sort of marketing does not cost the company a penny as it spreads through word of mouth. Apart from serving as an inexpensive marketing medium, companies also have the advantage of interacting with a target audience of psychology Articles, thereby managing to reach the specific people for whom the products or services are intended.

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