Top 5 Photography Tips for Multifamily


Sometimes building an impressive property management portfolio is easier than actually maintaining one. To remain relevant in the ever-evolving world of commercial real estate no longer means maintaining curb appeal. Potential renters are guaranteed to be scoping out your developments online and comparing your offering to the competitor. So how do you keep up?

Well, it’s not all bad news. Because you have the opportunity to engage with potential renters before they even set foot on your property, it’s likely that only serious inquiries make it to your inbox. And even though the marketing landscape continues to change rapidly, one thing remains true – first impressions matter. And no matter the scale of your portfolio, or whether your marketing strategy is online or still in print, that means imagery.

Never underestimate the value of good photography to capture attention and enable a prospect to resonate with your message and your offering.



Get crystal-clear on who your ideal resident would be. It doesn’t matter what you think is special about your development if it isn’t something that your prospects would appreciate. So if you’re taking photos for a property that you’re marketing toward Millennials and you forget to promote the smart technology you’ve installed throughout, then you’ll likely miss out on leads. A lot of thought goes into the target demographic in pre-construction and in targeted advertising campaigns, but it’s often looked over when producing content which leads to a confused marketing message.

Show My Property Apartment Photography


Showcase the property as naturally as possible to ensure that the leads you get, are quality leads from people that actually want to live in your building. And this goes above and beyond over-editing your photos, it stems into our desire to only show people what we want them to see – but this can come across as sterile. So rather than focusing your imagery on the operations of your development, take time to plan your photoshoots to ensure that you’re capturing the details. After all, it’s the little things in life, right?

Focus on the amenities and features, the things that set you apart from the competition. Aim to evoke an emotional response in your audience, give your prospects a reason to visit. Whether it’s the onsite dog-park, the energy-saving LED lights, the progressive and spacious communal areas or the up-and-coming neighborhood – it’s not about only showing the perfect corner of the perfect living room of the perfect apartment, but of being truthful and showing someone how they could (and why they should) live there.


Not just in how your stage the property, but also in the composition of the image itself. One rule of thumb is to take photos from a low level (i.e: the camera is lower than eye level) because it will make the apartment appear more spacious. And not to go back on our rule of being authentic, but you still want to put your best foot forward. Low angles show a different perspective, they reveal unseen aspects of a room and, as we mentioned above, it’s all about the details.


Perhaps this should’ve been at the top of the list, that’s how important it is. Whether you have surplus natural light or you’re trying to showcase a dim closet, getting as much light into an image will make it appear more inviting and spacious. So whether you’re photographing the property yourself or using a professional, make sure to utilize whatever natural light you have – scheduling the photo shoot for the most appropriate time of the day whenever possible – or turn on every available artificial light fixture you have. And whenever possible, avoid using a flash on the camera as it creates glare and makes things appear unnatural and uninviting (see rule 2 on authenticity)

Show My Property Photography5) INVEST IN QUALITY

This doesn’t mean that you need to hire a professional or race out and purchase thousands of dollars worth of photography equipment but understand that imagery can be the difference between open units and a waiting list. So, when you consider the scale of your own operation and what vacancies mean for your bottom line, you have a fair understanding of how much you ought to be investing in photography. If you’re a smaller operation, then perhaps that means moving away from your smart-phone and toward a consumer-end digital single-lens reflex (SLR). And if you’re currently managing a portfolio of 40+ properties, then maybe that investment looks more like handing the reins over to a professional real estate photography service in general.


Are you a Property Manager in need of a portfolio update but have no idea how you’re going to find the time to coordinate multiple photographers in multiple locations for all of your developments? Or perhaps you’re running a slightly smaller operation but want to move forward with more professional photography?

Well, that’s where we come in. Not only have we been producing high-quality apartment imagery for over 10 years now, but we’ve also got the biggest network of photographers on call in the entire industry. With a photographer in every city in every state across the continental US, we take care of all of the logistics you’ve been losing sleep over. All of our photographers are well-vetted and experienced and because you only need to communicate your vision and your goals to us, we make sure that nothing gets missed. It’s simple.

One vendor for all of your online marketing needs.

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