1. [INTERVIEW] STLCityWide | Kyle Hennessey

    MARKETING THE NEW TRIBECA As the #1 leasing agency in St. Louis, it's not surprising that STLCityWide represents some of the most progressive developments in the area. Recently, they approached Show My Property TV to produce marketing material for Tribeca, one of their newest developments. We recently caught up with Kyle Hennessey of STLCityWide and asked him a few questions regarding their appro…Read More

  2. [NEWSLETTER] 3 Marketing Hacks | Pre-Construction

    WHY YOU NEED PRE-CONSTRUCTION MARKETING If you've been in the business of marketing apartments for some time now, you likely already know why it's important. But for those newer to the leasing game, we'll let you in on a little secret - pre-construction marketing is essential in ensuring that you get leased up, faster.   In fact, we had a chat with Kyle Hennessey of STL CityWide recently, and a…Read More

  3. [NEWSLETTER] 4 Reasons to Quit Social

    SHOULD PROPERTY MANAGERS THROW IN THE TOWEL? Wouldn't that be nice? Delete all app's, turn off phone, and reminisce about the good ole' days while taking a nice break from it all. Well, it's a pleasant thought, but not exactly what we had in mind.  In fact, a strong social media presence is probably more important than ever in Apartment Marketing. Surpassing AdWords and SEO as the most powerful …Read More

  4. North 38 | Client Review Page

    Please watch in 1080p HD and in full-screen mode. Edit #3 (Password: watchvideo) - - - - Edit #2 (Password: watchvideo) - - - - Edit #1 (Password: watchvideo) - - - - Review Edit (Password: watchvideo)…Read More

  5. Apartment Video Tours Increase Leads by 403%

    FOUR HUNDRED AND THREE PERCENT! That’s 403% more opportunity to lease those new apartments by simply making a one-time investment into an apartment video. This can be hosted on your community webpage but also in your email marketing campaign, where subscriber to lead conversation rates increase 51% when an apartment video is included. Show My Property TV produced this testimonial-driven vid…Read More