Birthday Party Themes in a Box

For many parties and special events, the fun, and most memorable moments revolve around the theme. An offbeat idea or the usual can create tons of fun ideas if you spend a little time preparing your birthday party themes. So. Try one of these birthday party themes on for size. They are tried and true. They are guaranteed to succeed. They are mistake-proof birthday party themes…I promise. Don’t forget that little things mean a lot. It’s up to you to create the atmosphere…and if you need some help, Ask and I’ll be happy to help you with my fantastic range of birthday party themes. Make your parties the envy of family, friends, and neighbors with our birthday party themes. We have everything you need to make your party spectacular. Our children’s birthday party themes include many imaginative ideas. In addition to birthday party themes we even suggest related decorations, favors, and gifts!

we have all the birthday party themes you can think of our birthday party themes include invitations, beverage napkins, dessert plates, and table covers with coordinated luncheon plates, cups, cutlery, and luncheon napkins. Our birthday party themes also include crepe paper, balloons, and curling ribbon. Let us put together a package just for you with any birthday party themes that you choose. The coordinates will give your party that designer look while saving you money! To view our birthday party themes and products please read on We like to take traditional birthday party themes and incorporate them into our birthday party themes, we will use the best birthday party themes we can to make your party go with a bang.

Birthday Party Themes for the Invitation:

The invitation would either be flowered based or maybe a vegetable of some kind, the inside should have the date, place, etc., and make sure to add at the end.” Bring a shovel and gloves, we will be digging.” birthday party themes for the decor: If at all possible have it outside under a tree but if you lack a backyard here are some tips to make your inside look like a country backyard. 1- get either fake or real flowers (real smell better but fake are less expensive)and place them all around, either hanging or standing.

Take some fake or real ivy (fake if you have pets) and twirl it around pillars walls or lamps that you have. 3- get little fake birds and place them around the room. (Throw in any other touches for a personal theme)butterflies, for example, birthday party themes for party food: For the place settings- make giant leaves out of cardboard and color them- laminate them to make sure they don’t get ruined. – vegetables are always a favorite but, you can take a large tray and put celery all around it (cut the celery very slender to look like grass) take some Italian bread, and make at least 15 sandwiches- (depending on the number at the party) and attach them with toothpicks.

Make them curve into an ‘S’. At the front attach one olive to a toothpick and make two antennas. Use anything you want for your eyes. This is how you make a Caterpillar sandwich. – For dessert make a dirt cake. Dirt cake is just basically a chocolate cake with cookie crumbs on top. It is in a flower pot though. Put a flower in for a special touch and gummy worms.

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