Where to Stay on Barbados Holidays

Barbados is a small island that’s crammed full of places to stay. The fashionable west coast is the most expensive location with its classic Caribbean feel. If you’re looking for a more affordable west coast experience from your getaway, you should head for Speightstown where the beaches are just as beautiful but the hotel prices are a little more manageable. Those looking for a cheap package trip or an all-inclusive holiday should aim for the south coast where there’s a wider variety of resort hotels. In general, holidays never fail to disappoint, no matter where you are. Fancy something like that but can’t find what you’re after?

What to Do on Holiday in Barbados

Along the west coast, coral reefs dot the shoreline which makes snorkelling and scuba diving extremely popular. In Bridgetown, you can wander in National Heroes Square and tour the distillery of Mount Gay Rum, the oldest rum in the world. History buffs will also love the National Museum in the capital. St Lawrence Gap is arguably the centre of the south coast scene with a vast array of bars, restaurants and nightlife.

There are all sorts of events happening from cricket to film festivals. Why not visit in February to catch the Holetown Festival, or the Windfest in May, a three-day wind and kite surfing competition? Bridgetown is the place to be in the summer, with the biggest street fair of the year on Spring Garden Highway in July and Kadooment Day in August which is simply one big street party. Party in the streets at dawn and dance to calypso beats during Crop Over Festival – held during the summer months, it’s one long party that’s been thrown since the 1780s. The Food, Wine and Rum Festival in November is a safe bet for a good time, and your holiday will only be made better by watching some of the world’s best cinema at December’s International Film Festival.

Family Holidays to Barbados

Thanks to its divine weather, miles of resorts, simple food and calm beaches, is a popular destination for families. While we’re all for spending the entirety of your holiday on the beach, your kids may be craving a bit more adventure – and delivers in spades! The Barbados Wildlife Park lets your little ones have a close encounter with local wildlife, and the island’s caves and their unique formations also make for a great day trip. Pirate ship, the Jolly Roger, is a firm island favourite and departs from Bridgetown daily – kids can swing from ropes, walk the plank and swim with turtles while you sample the island’s rum at the bar. Many resorts are family-friendly and offer watersports and snorkelling, which will keep the kids entertained for hours. Or, just let them loose at the pool while you enjoy a cocktail and catch some rays. s only airport, Grantley Adams International, is about ten miles east of the capital city, Bridgetown, in the south of the island. You can get from the airport to Bridgetown easily, by taxi or bus. Taxis with an ‘Authorised Airport Taxi’ badge adhere to official fares, unlike private taxis. In any case, neither use meters so it’s best to agree on a price before setting off. Buses travel between the airport and Bridgetown every hour.

Getting Around Barbados

You can get to most places on the island easily by bus. The blue buses with a yellow stripe are government-operated public buses and the yellow buses are run by private operators, but all buses charge the same fare, which is to get anywhere on the island. You also shouldn’t have a problem finding a taxi in popular tourist areas. They’re marked with a ‘Z’ on the number plate and usually a taxi sign on the roof. Otherwise, you might wish to hire a moped; just watch out on some of the more treacherous roads. Tourists also often hire bicycles which is enjoyable because in most of the more popular areas the terrain is fairly flat. If you’d like total freedom for getting around, we’d recommend that you hire a car for your holiday. car hire differs from many Western destinations as you’re unlikely to find agents for the major global car hire companies there, but plenty of independent companies instead; despite the variety of providers though, prices don’t tend to vary much. Most of these companies won’t have booths at the airport but will be happy to deliver your car there or to your hotel.

When to Go to Barbados

Peak season is between mid-December and mid-April, which is when the beaches will be at their busiest and getting here will be at its most expensive. It’s popular at this time of year for good reason though; getting away from winter is a major draw, and plus you’ll get to experience festivals like the Holetown Festival and the Jazz Festival! The ‘low season’ is considered to be from July to November so holiday deals will be a bit more plentiful. The weather will be just as beautiful as in the high season but prices will be much lower, great if you’re after a romantic holiday without the price tag.

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