7 Foods to Order at a Restaurant While You’re on a Diet

During the last few years, people have become more aware of GMOs, artificial flavorings, preservatives, and more. These are commonly used throughout the industrial food system, making many consumers conscious of the purchases they make the next time they’re in the supermarket. People now seek food that is free of pesticides and choose organic options as a healthier choice for their families. Choosing food that is nutritious yet delicious is not as hard as it may seem! There are a few restaurants in San Diego, my hometown, that cater to us dieters! If you’re looking for an Italian restaurant in the Gaslamp Quarter, 5th Avenue is like Little Italy, but just down the street is the best steak in San Diego!

Many people think that they have to sacrifice their social life to eat healthy, yet this is not always the case! Here is a list of 7 foods to order at a restaurant while you’re on a diet:

Eggs: When meeting a friend at a diner for breakfast, ordering eggs is always playing it safe because of the protein-rich compounds they give to your body! Whether the choices include a delicious omelet, scrambled eggs, or a hard-boiled egg, all of them will perfectly fit into a productive diet. If possible, try to order a side of vegetables to receive a rounded jump start to your day!

Sandwich: A sandwich is always a refreshing choice! Ordering whole wheat bread along with your meat of choice topped with avocado never fails to be tasty and delicious! A healthy sandwich is a better alternative to fast food and can truly be even more delicious! The whole wheat bread choice is great to make sure to get the recommended amount of grains for the day!

    Chicken and Rice: When visiting a Japanese restaurant, it is easy to give into temptation to all the tempura sushi rolls that have been fried However, there are other choices on the menu that are healthy and can fit into anyone’s wellness regime without falling off the wagon. Try ordering chicken teriyaki with rice and vegetables for protein and nutrition.

      Choose the Leanest Meat at a Steakhouse: Scanning the menu at a steakhouse, there are usually a few leaner choices that contain less fat than filet mignon. These lean meats will make you happy with your choice as they are made to order! Chicken is also a great choice at a steakhouse. Try adding a refreshing chopped salad with vinaigrette dressing to avoid feeling guilty for all the carbs!

        Enjoy Greek/Mediterranean Food: This is a great dining choice for people who are on a strict diet because there are many options that are healthier than just going to a fast food place! Some of the possible diet-friendly choices include the salads with feta cheese and dressing on the side as well as their pita bread and hummus which is delicious to snack on!

            Mexican Tacos: Not all tacos have to be greasy and unhealthy! Prep shredded chicken or any meat of your choice, and add some salsa fresca, lettuce, and tomatoes to be on your way to a healthy lunch! While avocado is a healthy fat, it’s always best to consume it in proper portions. Nevertheless, tacos are always a great choice for someone on a diet who is choosing a healthier route than pasta or fried foods.

            Barbecue: Although you may not think it possible, you can still enjoy your local BBQ spot while on a diet. The barbecue restaurant typically has other options such as the chicken breast with barbecue dipping sauce and a side salad with a potato. It’s possible to satisfy that BBQ craving while still attempting to eat healthy at a restaurant.

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